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tamigochi's and oranges

i sit awake after we hang up the phone thinking of what you've said. i will try my best to accomadate your wishes to match my own. i know we want the same thing but some of it is different, that's why i love us though, becuase we know how to compromise. 

my phone lies dead, i can't accept any calls, i wonder if you want to talk. what are you doing alone in your bed, are you thinking of me or just the stuff that is lying piled up on your "to do" list? sometimes i feel like i am more ready than you are, but that is ok i will wait it out, wait for europe and the end of school. i know one day it will come, or i do the best i can to convince myself of that. after europe i look forward to 2010 and the openness of the future. 
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