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facebook has taken over my life

so our lovely carleton profs are not striking. truthfully i kind of wish that they were so i could have today off without feeling guilty about it. whatever people, good for you for coming to an agreement, but what about me?!?!?! 
so i have two midterms on monday and realize that i work thursday, friday and saturday. good job on my part.  and here i am right now writing in here when i could be studying. i hate studying and ihate school at this moment, i wish i could sit back and relax. but that won't even be possible until December 21 after 5pm. I hate how that day is my last day of exams. why couldn't it have been sooner. 

to look forward to:
my birthday
cj's birthday
new years eve (what will we do!?!?!?)
Europe!! (we leave April 30 at 10:40pm from Ottawa and we land in Heathrow (London). YAY!!! we will be there for a month and a week!!!)
new classes (i think they'll be kind of scary though)
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