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easier said than done

 i want to make you better, i want to fix you and make you happy. its the little things that go wrong if your day that i want to fix but just can't cause i'm not there with you. hopefully your day picks up and i'm able to talk to you later to hear about it. easier said than done but just try and push away the bad to make things better, i should probably take my own advice. 

i have a new roommate for the next week. well i guess i'm his roommate. tim asked me to stay at his place while his parents are away....i'm assuming its so he doesn't get lonely and because someone needs to help look after blackie...his dog. she is a sweetheart and i love her. i have been there one night already and it went fine. the only thing is he only has dial up and i am used to high speed wireless. the Plue family is living in the past. so my internet fix will only come from school/cj's/home visits. thats ok maybe this way i will get more school work done rather than spending all my time on the internet, at least it will be one procrastination taken away. 

i also got my hair cut and dyed...just my roots. and the cut was just a few more layers and some bangs. my mom says she likes the bangs but doesn't like the colour. she says it looks too orange and kind of fried i guess. she says it does not look natural enough. but i like it....everyone else says they do, but now i'm not sure if i should believe them. i really thought this time most of the orangey was taken out....i hope people would tell me, but at the same time nothing could really be done until i the next time i get it done.

there are only a few more weeks of school left, and my thesis is due in approximately 27 days. i cannot wrap my head around that, and if i try i can feel myself coming upon a panic attack. i do not want that....i guess i better just keep working hard.

i guess things are looking up. car starts, cat hugs and phone conversations are always nice. 
its time to go eat some lunch which consists of kraft dinner, nuts and water. i've done better but i've done worse :)

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