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i am happy. lately things have been looking up and i feel as though i have control on most things. Christmas went well until I felt as though i was dying from the inside out and oranges got sick. I got better and Oranges is doing good, he is still a sick little kitty but he is on medication that seems to be helping him. 
School has started for the second semester and this will be the last one of my University career (knock on wood). After this my plan is to go to Algonquin for Museum Studies after that I hope to get a job working in a Museum, that is my dream right now and maybe/hopefully eventually go to grad school. CJ says he is still going to go to teacher's college I hope that all works out well for him, I'm nervous for him mostly because I don't know what it entails to get in to teachers college and I just want him to be prepared. 
I feel so rusty at this I haven't written anything in a long time, I'm not very eloquant and the words just aren't coming to me even though I had the urge to write in here. I think maybe I'm just nervous that one day I will forget all that I've been doing at this time of my life when I'm old. 
So I surprised CJ with tickets to David Copperfield and it was amazing. I loved seeing how happy he got over it and just the whole act was great. Some I believed and am really baffled about how he was able to do it but one I didn't believe it was just too far fetched. 
I wish I could go out more, I wish I didn't work so much or that at least I always had sundays off like most of my friends so that I could go out/drink/get high while I still can and don't get looked at like i'm some sort of weirdo. So i've put it out there I want to "party" more I guess.

I really have no more to say and this has probably been one of the most lame posts I've ever done. Oh well, I guess all I have to say is Heath Ledger died and it's sad, he was hot and he had a baby and I feel bad for her that she will never know her daddy.
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