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at least I have the Ataris and your smile to look forward to.

    I'm sitting here ignoring the work that should be done, instead diving into the anonymity that is the internet. Looking at journals and blogs is whatt occupies my time. I know the work needs to be done it just doesn't seem to be a priority though it is due tomorrow. 
    I drink an energy drink to stop the fatigue that threatens to engulf me. If only I could look at this as the last semester before the rest of my life begins. It would be nice to be able to say I'm done with it all and to move out away from my anxieties and stresses. To grab the cat and just get up and leave, to somewhere that isn't home yet. But, when I am there will I miss it all? Probably, but isn't that what growing up is all about? The adventures, maybe I should cherrish the point in my life a little more but, it is hard when I don't feel adequate enough in comparison to my peers. 
    Maybe on that note I should get back to it, to try my best for the best mark I can get. To bullshit my way through another project and cross my finger that I won't feel ridiculous or ridiculed.
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